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Is your bachelor pad chick friendly?

Graduate, check. Find a job, check. Find an apartment, check. Now you seem to be living the life, but how do you turn this apartment into a “chick” friendly bachelor pad? Yes you may know how to make your bed and hopefully how to put clothes away and do laundry, but is that really enough? […]
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Newlywed Bliss – Secrets to furnishing your home

Beginning a life with someone is full of new experiences. If a new home or apartment is part of that equation, you may find you need to purchase furnishings for  your home. One of the first things to do when purchasing new furniture is set a budget. But how much should you plan to spend? A […]
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Sprucing up your living room on a tight budget

If you are like me you’re ready for a new look in your home after a year or two, maybe even after a month. But who has money to buy all new stuff for a room every year? I know I certainly don’t! Here are a few easy and cost-effective ways to spruce up your living […]
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Furnitureland South goes to Market!

October 16th through the 21st, High Point, NC was covered on every street corner and sidewalk with home furnishings enthusiasts! The High Point Furniture Market creates an exciting buzz throughout the city twice a year, and this time we have the buzz on tape! Furnitureland South had the pleasure of visiting many of the amazing […]
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Dual Function Furniture

Is wasting things one of your biggest pet peeves like it is mine? We don’t like to waste time, so we multi-task; we don’t like to waste money, so we cut coupons; and we don’t like to waste space in our homes. I know that I want to utilize every square foot of my home to its maximum […]
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We Love our Fans!

As a matter of fact, we love you so much that we want to give you a free set of Belle Epoque sheets just for being our fan.  Follow us on Facebook, tell your friends to follow us, and when we reach 2,000 Facebook followers, we’ll give one lucky follower a complimentary set of Belle […]
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Camping Right in your Own Back Yard!

With fall all around us, nothing is more satisfying than the feel of the cool brisk air of autumn and outdoor living. When you want to get away and just shake off the day, your patio is the place to go. Start a fire in your year round fire pit built just for you by […]
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Finding Your Unique Room Inspiration

Furnitureland South Design Consultant Lee Crutchfield shows us the room he designed around a simple neck tie to demonstrate how design inspiration can come from anywhere!    Send article as PDF   
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“I Love it and it’s Perfect!”

There are many things that a designer likes to hear from their client. The top of my list is “I Love it and it’s Perfect!” I had been looking for dining side chairs for my client. My client and her family are petite and it had been difficult finding a chair that was comfortable and […]
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