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Distressed? Good!

Thomas & Gray is quickly becoming one of my favorite lines. Their pieces are  certainly one-of-a-kind and the finish options are timeless and classic! The Copperline Collection is beautifully crafted with antiqued solids. This style captivates the country living enthusiast! This Flemish Chest from the Accents Collection is a recent addition to our floor. Shown in […]
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Maximize Every Room!

One of my favorite things about working at Furnitureland South as a Design Consultant is helping clients turn their new homes into comfortable, stylish and useful living spaces. However, the challenging part is doing this on a budget! Some friends of mine from church recently had a baby and have moved from their apartment into […]
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Where do you find inspiration?

Last fall during designer Larry Laslo’s visit to Furnitureland South, I marveled at his fabulous green shoes – the only pair he packed during a trip to High Point.  I have since stumbled upon my own pair of green patent leather shoes. Well… they’re not exactly mine except in that I am in love with […]
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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

That’s right, the new spring trend is Orange! I was a bit skeptical when I first learned of the new color trend for Spring, but as I was out shopping this weekend, I noticed a lot of orange and really liked it! This color adds warmth to any room, and it also sparks creativity and […]
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Green adj [grēn]: ???

The age of the sustainable lifestyle has arrived. The word GREEN has been redefined to describe our new “Eco-Friendly” ways. It’s almost as if the COLOR GREEN is fading into the background. However, the color green is front and center right now in home furnishings and can shine bright this spring. For the more neutral […]
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Snow, snow, snow, snow

Courtesy WXII News Channel 12 Living in North Carolina during a snow storm is like being in elementary school all over again. There is a rush of excitement, businesses close, everyone sits anxiously by the television to see if school will be cancelled once again (even if a single flake hasn’t fallen from the sky), […]
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Your outdoor space is never too far away…

With a day like Wednesday, it feels like spring is right around the corner. My wife and I have started to talk about what we can do this year with our back yard. With warm weather coming up, it’s hard not to look forward to the coming months. Have you thought about what you need/can […]
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A bit of bling, please

It is my opinion that every woman should own a bit of bling. Something that sparkles and is the envy of all your friends. I suppose most will immediately think of jewelry when I say bling, but I’m talking about furniture. Perhaps a bit more practical than a giant diamond ring? During my visit to the […]
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Time Saving Tips for the New Year

It seems that everything is rushed and fast paced.  Get the kids here, dinner with family, errands & house details – it seems that the last thing you have time for is furniture shopping.  You know it must be done yet you have procrastinated and weeks are slipping by.  Weren’t you planning to redecorate last […]
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Attention Designers!

What are some of the main obstacles you encounter when working with a client? Tight budget, and immediate delivery are certainly at the top of the list! At Furnitureland South’s 300,000 square foot Outlet Center, we have many different styles of furniture for clients on a budget and in need of furniture now! Check out […]
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