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Cozy Corners

A sterile, bland bedroom is the last place you want to cozy up to your loved one, fall asleep, and wake up feeling well rested in the morning. Make your bedroom warmer and more inviting by adding rich, dark wood pieces, sensual dark leathers, and deep colors to heat up every corner of the room! […]
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Lavish Linens

The Luxury Linens Gallery at Furnitureland South features over 30 different linen manufacturers. If you’re looking to switch up your bedroom but still love your furniture, try new bedding! You can make a dramatic difference just by getting new linens. It’s like getting a new dress…for your bed! Bedding is where you add personality to […]
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More Than Just the Furniture!

Accessories are a great way to add personality and interest to your bedroom and re-create it into your own personal sanctuary
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The truth about mattresses

Mattresses … the key to a great night’s sleep, but they can be so confusing. How long should a mattress last? The “comfort life” (meaning a gradual loss of comfort over an extended period of time) of a mattress is around 8 years. Of course, this is determined by the usage (guest bedrooms may last longer; […]
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Bringing you Perfect Days…

Staying up all night because of an uncomfortable mattress is a waste of sleep. And a waste of sleep is, in turn, a waste of your time to dream.  If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get comfortable on your mattress, my solution would be to stop counting sheep and start looking […]
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Finding Your “Ness”

When designing, I like to add some Kait-ness to the space. Kait-ness being my personality and pizazz. Personality plays a strong role in creating a comfortable and stylish bedroom. Whether your personality calls for some bling, bright colors, or relaxing undertones, your “Ness” should shine within your bedroom. For the traveling soul, mementos from your […]
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Keep it Simple. Keep it Organized. Keep it Yours.

The bedroom is the single room in your home that is completely yours. It’s the place you go to relax, unwind and shed the stressful weight of the day. Are you having trouble making the bedroom yours because of its size? A small bedroom can easily become cluttered and crowded, making the ambiance far from […]
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Furnitureland South hosts a Day of Decadence!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Furnitureland South hosted a Day of Decadence on Saturday, February 12th! Dustie Gregson of AspenHome offered tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day spectacular! Dustie created delectable, chocolate… fondue Valentine treats with the help of AspenHome’s new server from the Young Classics collection. Unlike any other, this server […]
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Charmeuse and Velvet

Here at Furnitureland South, Ann Gish is a favorite linen vendor because of its amazing textural fabrics. The charmeuse sheets are a little piece of heaven, and when paired with a velvet coverlet . . . wow. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bed that’s more posh and romantic. Ann Gish offers so many options and combinations, but here are a few of our […]
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Romantic Seclusion with a Canopy Bed

Medieval times started the trend, and we have been growing it ever since.  A canopy bed is a great way to create a warm and private area for you and your loved one.  If you have tall ceilings, using a  vertical visual element will accentuate the architectural details of your bedroom, and a canopy bed is the perfect way to achieve that height and […]
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