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Livable Living Rooms

Many people are so afraid of dirtying their living rooms that they don’t even use them. But you shouldn’t waste such valuable space because you want it to be perfect. A living room should be a space for living – not a shrine.  Why not try some of these tips to help create a living room […]
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Spring Fever

What is it about a palette of muted pastels that so conjures images of spring? It just seems so dreamy - like the cherry blossoms blowing in the wind. I'm drawn to a much more romantic, relaxed style this time of year and find myself searching for furnishings that are cozy. Sofas and chairs that I can sit in rather than on, and curl up with a good book and my sweet yorkie-poo, Chloe {she may be the best cuddle-bug in all of the world}.
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Timeless Quality…

Looking for high quality upholstery that exceeds your expectations and gives you the most for your money?  If so, then Century Furniture could be just what you’re looking for! Century Furniture offers the latest styling, leather and fabric options in all of their pieces. They offer best-in-class quality with their custom-made furniture pieces, ideal for any […]
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A Southern Belle with Southern Charm

Now, I know we are all ready for summertime. But when you think of summer, what is on your mind?  Definitely warm sunshine, car windows rolled down, and taking that fun road trip to your perfect vacation destination! Mountain girls like me think a little differently!  I remember when I was younger going out and […]
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The Re-birth of Craftsmanship – Guest Blog

The word I have been reading over and over again in design and furniture catalogs and magazines is hand. The finish is hand rubbed, the basket is hand woven and the edging on the sheet, hand crocheted. While this vibrant trend may seem to apply only to those who want the comfort and authenticity of […]
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Take your living room outside!

I am so pumped about spring being here!  I was in Arizona last week when I realized that I had forgotten what the sun felt like.  While I was there, I loved watching people sitting and talking, enjoying the sunshine–bringing the indoors outside.  It reminded me of Century Furniture’s new line that came out last […]
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Give Me Some of that Southern Hospitality, Ya’ll!

You can’t be Paula Deen without having a few tricks up your sleeve for entertaining. She’s got the welcoming personality, the YUMMY snacks, and now even a few pieces of furniture to make guests feel right at home, so come on in! Have a seat at Paula’s Table and munch on some Chocolate Gooey Butter […]
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High Point Premarket Gives Peek @ Furniture Trends

A guest blog from our friends at Hooker Furniture: Contemporary is going softer and warmer, coastal is getting more versatile and gray is walking the line between cool and taupe tones. These were some of the trends that emerged in the Hooker Furniture showroom at the recent 2-day premarket held in High Point, NC, the […]
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Leading Ladies

When I think of the most classy, beautiful, and elegant women of all time, I think of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. These women exude grace, sensuality, and ease. Since I love these women so much, I often wonder what their homes would look like. No doubt they’d be just as  fabulous as them! […]
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The Perfect Inspiration for Family and Home

Picture Courtesy of Paula Deen Home When I think of the fabulous Paula Deen, my first thoughts are of the vivacious fun loving Food Network star, whose down-home southern cooking reigns supreme as the ultimate comfort food. Paula is the definition of a woman who took control of her life in order to provide for […]
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