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A Nod to Nautical – Navy & White Make a Comeback

As I have shopped my favorite clothing stores this summer, I have noticed a recurring theme – the use of navy and white. Navy and white stripes, Ikat patterns, and other geometric shapes seem to be the most prevalent. What is popular in fashion is often popular in furniture, and with this particular example, that statement could […]
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French Laundry Meets Stars & Stripes

The French Laundry style is popping up everywhere in home decor, and I must say … je l’adore. Built around french linen laundry bags, reclaimed wood, slipcovers, and a more relaxed attitude, French Laundry is casual while still being chic. When Debbie Jones of French Laundry Home set out to recreate the feel of 100 […]
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Motif of the Day: Quatrefoil

Lately it seems everywhere I look, I see quatrefoils. What’s that, you say? By definition, a quatrefoil is a panel-like ornament composed of four lobes, divided by cusps, radiating from a common center. Or, in simple terms, a leaf composed of four leaflets. I first noticed it in an awesome lamp by John Richard. The […]
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Relationships & Design

I am so fortunate to have such great clients with whom I have developed wonderful relationships. This is the third home that I have designed for this particular client in the past 10 years and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about their latest project. We began with the floor plan, creating a […]
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Supporting American-made furniture in today’s global economy

Celebrating the 4th of July brought to my attention how blessed we are as Americans! I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places throughout the world through golf:  Korea, Japan, Thailand, England and France to name a few. But there’s nowhere else in the world that I would rather live than the great USA! This brings me to […]
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The REAL Jersey Shore

As a born and bred Jersey Girl, I feel the need to clarify what life is really like living at the shore. After going home for Red Bank’s KABOOM FEST 2011 fireworks, and realizing there’s no better place to be on Independence Day, I was more than inspired to share the REAL Jersey Shore with you all.  Not to be mistaken by […]
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Technological Advances: from Furniture to Phones

The furniture industry has always been a product of modern technology. Since early on, technological advances have changed both aesthetic design and structural needs of furniture. The Wing back chair was developed to keep cold drafts away from the upper body, as well to protect a woman’s delicate skin from the heat of a close […]
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Made in America!

The United States of America: she’s pretty impressive if you ask me.  Think of how she came about, everything she’s been through, and everything she has to offer! We’ve got a great land and amazingly skilled people working in the furniture industry right in our own backyard. Conrad Grebel is a manufacturer in Goshen, Indiana. This customizable, solid wood dining […]
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Put Your Money Where Your Mattress Is

Did you know that out of ALL the furniture you have in your home, your Mattress is the one that is used the most? It is also the only piece of furniture that will affect your health and quality of life. But all too often, mattresses are an afterthought and an area where people feel they […]
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Does the Knot Count Really Count?

When shopping for an Oriental rug, many consumers are bombarded with terms that they may not understand. Warp, weft, abrash … what does it all mean? One of the most common terms used is “knots per square inch” or KPSI. By definition, KPSI is the measurement of knots in one square inch of weaving on […]
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