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Sociable Tufted

I love what I do!! Even after 27 years in the furniture business, I am constantly amazed at some of the furnishings I come across. Recently I was doing research for a client and found this beautiful and distinctive item. Definitely unusual. And talk about a conversation piece! I first envisioned this sofa, handsome in […]
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Do you share my passion …

… for classic modern and contemporary home furnishings? Located on the ground floor of the Showroom,  you’ll find more than 40,000 square feet of exciting and progressive furniture and accessories. My background in home furnishings has been a thirty-year journey devoted to a passion for great contemporary design. Today I’d like to introduce you to Weiman/Preview, […]
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Keeping it Casual

It’s time to embrace the casual and celebrate the comfort and style your dining room brings to the household.  An ideal dining space is not constrained to any size, style or even purpose. When making a room your own, the sky is the limit! Not all styles or spaces call for a large dining space, […]
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A Category 3 Weekend!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you are well aware that Hurricane Irene, currently a powerful category 3 hurricane, is hurtling towards our coast. Outermost  areas of North Carolina, such as Hatteras and New Bern, are expected to receive severe winds, power outages and severe flooding.  Thankfully, our location in the Piedmont Triad […]
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Lights. Camera. Action!

Working as a Design Consultant at Furnitureland South is amazing. I get to meet a variety of people with varying projects, and no matter how large or small, I know your project is important to you. I work with many clients who say, “Can’t we just take you home with us? We really need help knowing […]
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Hollywood is Calling…

For all the Starlets dreaming of Hollywood or the Big Apple, dreams can come true … for your home! Be ready for your casting call with Hollywood Swank from Jane Seymour and Michael Amini’s collection by Aico. Lights. Camera. Action! Glamour is a daily necessity in a Starlet’s life. Keep track of your bookings in this […]
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Ready for some “bling” on your furniture?

Just as we are seeing a big surge in metallics and decorative crystals in fashion, “bling” is now a big deal in home furnishings as well! Whether it’s rhinestones, mirrors or metalic finishes, all that glitters is making its way into all rooms of the home! But is it a “do” or a “don’t?” Does this flashy trend get […]
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3 Colors Guaranteed to Energize Your Space!

Do you feel more invigorated during the summer months? Do longer, lighter days and the warmth of the sun energize you? By strategically using the right colors in your home, you can create feelings of warmth and vitality all year long! Red, orange and yellow, arranged side by side on the color wheel, are considered […]
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Healthy Sleep … It’s a Lifestyle

When shopping for a new mattress, the first thing you should consider is your health – specifically how poor sleep can negatively impact your general health and how quality sleep can improve it. Without rest, our bodies cannot restore themselves. We sleep in 90-minute cycles. In order to achieve restorative sleep we must sleep, uninterrupted, through […]
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Game Shows and Giving

It’s time for the Wyndham Championship here in Greensboro, North Carolina and that can only mean one thing … the Price is Right! For the past 15 years, Furnitureland South has hosted the PGA TOUR Wives Association for a morning filled with fun and furniture. The wives take a break from their busy tour schedule […]
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