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What to expect when you’re selecting…

Just like everyone else, you probably don’t buy home furnishings every day and, even in the current information age, details about what your expectations should be are not readily available to even the savviest consumer. When you’re preparing to purchase new furniture, asking yourself some important questions can make your entire buying experience more enjoyable. […]
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Small Home Solutions

I love Bungalows – 1920’s/1930’s American Craftsman Bungalows to be exact. These homes exhibit so much character and charm, and they encourage community connectivity with a large front porch. The only problem is … they’re small. Most are 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 baths, and under 1,800 sq ft. While some view this as a drawback, I […]
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Stories of times gone by

Imagine strolling through vast country gardens. Rose bushes create grand barriers between you and the rest of the world. It's your quiet respite from the outside. Marble statues whisper of times gone by. And the country home just over the hill holds stories of generations past. This is where you'll find Grand Traditions by Jane Seymour and Michael Amini.
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What makes you tick?

For my Mother, it is the constant sound of her Grandfather Clock. For me it is the beautiful chime of her clock and the memory of her receiving the clock that I will never forget. For years my mother had wanted a Grandfather clock – the perfect clock – for the perfect spot in the […]
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Happy Thanksgiving from Furnitureland South

This wonderful Thursday holiday is distinctly American, with deep roots and a long history celebrating a wide variety of family traditions. Giving thanks takes many forms on Thanksgiving Day. Eating (and cooking of course), decorations, travel, no school, football, hurried preparations, favorite recipes, full tummies, pumpkin pie and family. It is also a day to […]
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I am thankful

In these times of economic uncertainty and with the stresses of being an adult, it is refreshing to meet a couple that can restore your faith in humanity. I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple, Larry and Sara, from Elkin, NC. Our store can be overwhelming – even more so to a […]
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Harvesty Tablescapes

Whether you have an outside setting or keep the meal indoors this year, you want your table to be inviting. I love the idea of using lots of natural elements like pumpkins, leaves and twigs to decorate my dining table, but I really think a mixed-media approach is the prettiest.
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Fit for a Queen

Are you inspired by Medieval homes and the architectural details of grand castles? Do you long to parlay that grand look into your own home interior? Then say “Hello” to Palace Gates. A design collaboration between Jane Seymour and Michael Amini, the Palace Gates Collection has the opulent tradition you’ve been craving. Graceful curves adorn […]
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A Quintet of Trends

The world’s largest furniture fashion show in High Point, NC displays every home furnishings concept from the “tried and true,” to the freshest and most innovative artistic expressions. For those of us who are curious about the design elements which make our home feel most inviting to us and which express our unique preferences and […]
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Strike Up A Conversation

Sometimes, I feel as if I work in a museum of beautiful furniture! I love to stop and take a moment to investigate a well-crafted, beautiful piece of work … to feel the finish, test the doors or drawers and before I know it, I’m lost in the story the furniture tells. It takes me […]
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