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Making the Transition?

At Furnitureland South we have such a large variety of furnishings, we can easily fit every style, scale, and budget. Many of my clients come in to “make the transition” from traditional to transitional furniture. Whether you have those hand-me-down pieces from your family that don’t quite fit your idea of a “dream home,” or […]
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I spy something white…

As I was perusing our endless selection of furniture today, I noticed this gorgeous chest from Caracole Home. It’s perfect and fabulous in so many ways, and would blend with just about any style. It’s just curvy enough to be inviting without being overpowering. And it’s the perfect neutral tone to ring in the New […]
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Oh the options!

With the biggest home furnishings selection in the world, Furnitureland South features thousands of unique manufacturers and styles. But even our 1.3 million square feet is not enough space to showcase everything we have to offer. While our galleries have several pieces and collections from each of our manufacturers on display, let’s not forget all […]
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Give yourself the gift of Free Delivery!

Yes, I know the holidays and all their assorted expenses are all over us, and you’re probably spent out, but I’m willing to bet you didn’t get any furniture as a gift. On the other hand, you may have gotten some cash as a gift so this is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever […]
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Happy Holidays from Furnitureland South

This holiday season, we are thankful for you. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.    Send article as PDF   
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Furniture that can multitask

In today’s economy we are always looking for the best deal, the best prices, and the best bang for our buck. When it comes to picking furniture, it’s no different. We are an extremely busy society – always multitasking. Why shouldn’t our furniture do the same? Let me show you a few pieces that have […]
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Travel for Design

Traveling is something I really enjoy and I always jump at the opportunity to go. One of my most recent trips was to Giverny, France – Claude Monet’s Home and famous garden. Monet inspired an entire movement of artists, poets and musicians, and Giverny was a gathering place for them. To have the opportunity to […]
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Taracea: Wood for Thought

Are you looking for a unique piece of furniture for your home? Something special that you know you can’t find anywhere else? Taracea specializes in producing high-quality, unique pieces of furniture. Each piece is hand-crafted in Mexico by artisans, continuing Taracea’s 30-year legacy. And unlike many traditional furniture manufacturers, Taracea uses reclaimed wood in designs that keep […]
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Is it all just a Mirage?

I was walking through our showroom today when this new group caught my eye, and I literally stopped in my tracks! It is the Mirage group from Lexington Furniture, and it has several noteworthy pieces that are unlike any I have seen before. The striking Fontaine mirror would make a bold statement anywhere you put […]
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5 Tips for Welcoming Your Holiday Guests

It’s that time of year again when we welcome family and friends into our homes and spend quality time with those we love. Keep family time stress-free and make your guests feel special with these 5 tips for preparing your guest room for the holidays. 1. The best guests sleep well. Offer your guests a […]
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