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Splurge vs. Steal

I am really passionate about finding great deals (and who isn’t, especially with today’s economy)!  It is so much fun to hunt for treasures at bargain prices and with the money saved, to afford the more pricey items you absolutely love!  I am so very lucky to be surrounded by 1.25 million square feet of the […]
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Meet Bob Timberlake February 4th!

Are you an admirer of the art and design of Bob Timberlake? If you have a fondness for high style and creature comforts, and draw inspiration from heritage, family and tradition, you should take a look at the new Bob Timberlake Home for Century collection. AND … Bob will personally introduce his new collection on Saturday, […]
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Back to Basics ~ Black and White

It’s no surprise to me that I’m a big fan of black and white interiors {about 95% of my business attire is black and white}. While I enjoy the beauty color adds to an interior, black and white spaces evoke elegance and class. They create rich, upscale interiors that last for decades {b&w color schemes […]
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The Tribal Vibe Beats on…

Decor drawing from native cultures will continue to expand in 2012 and beyond, inspiring furnishings with a historical perspective. This nomadic trend draws heavily from North & South America, with details from Middle Eastern cultures, and island tribes sprinkled in for an even more eclectic statement. Geometric patterns, stripes with a hand drawn feel, kilims, […]
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The Finishing Touch

Perhaps you have a good looking room to start with, but if you’re like me I always think “What can I do to make it better?” I recently had a client with excellent taste whose rooms had great bones, but needed a few items to “finish” them.  The pieces that she selected really helped pull her […]
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Super Bowl Shuffle

It’s almost Super Bowl time! Some of you have probably never heard of the Super Bowl Shuffle, but for the guys reading this post, it should bring back the days of the Chicago Bears: Jim McMahon and William “The Refrigerator” Perry. How many of you are hosting a party for the big day? This may […]
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Trends in Outdoor Living

New trends in outdoor living are taking the indoors outside. A great example of this is Gloster’s outdoor collection, Cloud. Cloud, created by London based designer Mark Gabbertas, offers a wide number of individual units that, when integrated together, create endless design possibilities. It’s time to start thinking about your outdoor living space for spring. […]
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Glamour is Forever in Style

Think Old Hollywood style – the glamour of Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe with the sophistication of Cary Grant and Clark Gable. This style draws greatly from the “Roaring 20’s” with lots of jazz-age sizzle. It incorporates 21st century classical styling, modern traditional styling, and a touch of glitz and glam into a nostalgic style […]
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Design on a Dime

Design is often seen as a pricy matter. From end tables to rugs, the bill can really stack up. I tend to be the “budget-conscious” type. One of my greatest joys in life is finding a GREAT DEAL. This month at Furnitureland South, our MAGIC NUMBER is $3,999. For qualifying states, that number means FREE […]
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Winter Wonderland

The holidays have come and gone and to my disappointment, I still haven’t seen snow. Not that I expect much snow in central North Carolina, but I had hoped my visit to Chicago would include at least a dusting of fluffy white. Even though snow is a rarity here, I can still get in the […]
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