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Is your home in a time warp?

1980 called … and it wants its house back! ūüôā How was your home decorated in the ‚Äė80s? How about now? Has it been updated to the year 2012? If you‚Äôre stuck in a time warp, I can sympathize. When I bought my home, it was in need of a serious makeover. So I gave¬†the […]
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Two Easy Ways to Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

Spring has sprung early in most areas, so now is the time to spruce up your outdoor living areas. These two practical and gorgeous finds will add instant impact to your outdoor¬†space,¬†while being cost effective at the same time. 1. Woodard Outdoor Lighting and Accessories Outdoor furniture manufacturer Woodard has introduced a broad, delightful selection […]
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Splurge vs. Steal: The Chesterfield Sofa

I am really passionate about finding great deals (and who isn‚Äôt, especially with today‚Äôs economy)!¬† It is so much fun to hunt for treasures at bargain prices and with the money saved, to afford the more pricey items you absolutely love!¬† I¬†am so very lucky to be surrounded by 1.25 million square feet of the […]
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Have you met my new best friends, Houzz and Pinterest?

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.¬†¬†If that’s the case, and must be priceless. I have always loved leafing through, collecting, and yes, even hoarding, design magazines.¬† Now by using these social bookmarking websites,¬†my passion can be fulfilled without cluttering up my magazine racks,¬†while¬†also being¬†eco-friendly. As¬†designers, one of our […]
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MORE Spring Sample Sale Red Tag Deals …

The Spring Sample Sale ends March 31st! Have you taken advantage of the extra 10% off already reduced Red Tag prices in Furnitureland South’s 300,000 square foot Outlet Center? Curious about what you might be missing?¬†Check out a few samples ~ of the thousands ~ of irresistibly affordable fashions that are immediatley available for pickup […]
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Focal Pieces from Around the Globe

Furnitureland South has just updated its beautiful¬†product display¬†from the Henry Link Trading Company collection by Lexington Home Brands. Every piece in this collection has its own unique story and look – perfect for “that” inspirational piece to build your room decor around and to make a statement! Here are a few of my favorite pieces: […]
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Scale & Proportion, Part 1: The Basics

Clients often ask me, “How do I know what size something should be?”¬† Interior designers always use scale and proportion when determining¬†whether or not a piece works in a room. The easiest way to think about scale is to equate it with size , but it is important to remember that large or small scale […]
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Four Fantastic Sources for Inspiration

While you may think designers create entirely from their own thoughts, we typically derive inspiration¬†elsewhere. Inspiration can come from any source, but the goal is to see things¬†with a¬†fresh perspective. Though there are countless sources for design inspiration,¬†here are a few I gravitate toward when I need a boost: Nature I love being outside, regardless […]
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Irresistibly Affordable Red Tag Deals…

Take a walk through Furnitureland South’s 300,000 square foot Outlet Center and you’ll be amazed at the incredible deals waiting to be discovered around every corner. AND don’t forget, during the month of March, you’ll receive an additional 10% off each of these already discounted Red Tag prices! Check out just a few samples of […]
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Spring Sample Sale Starts Today!

Spring is in the air … time for Furnitureland South to make room for new showroom samples coming soon from the High Point Furniture Market! To make space, we‚Äôre further discounting already reduced, quality furnishings and accessories in our 300,000 square foot Outlet Center, as well as floor samples throughout the store. Get the latest […]
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