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Another successful project from the Outlet Center

When I first met Deb and Todd, they had just purchased a new home that they needed to furnish, but they had not yet sold their first home, so that meant funds were somewhat limited for the home furnishings.  They had great taste and were looking to create a soft, elegant feel with great quality […]
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Decorate by Numbers

Here are a few numbers to follow when decorating your home. 60 The general height above the flo0r that a wall fixture should hang   (in inches) 36 The number of inches needed for a major traffic path  30  The number of inches above a dining table that a chandelier should hang to prevent bumped heads  26  The minimum number of  inches a dining room rug should […]
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Celebrating Traditions

This time of year takes me back to so many traditions: family gatherings, cookouts, and just being around friends. One of my favorite pastimes is sharing my home with friends and family, telling stories and laughing for hours. We all love to tell little anecdotes about our home, so why not let your home tell […]
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Peace of Mind: Guardsman Furniture Protection

The greatest compliment I hear time and again from my clients is that I take the time to listen to them.  Yes, I make my living and feed my family from people purchasing furniture, but the last thing I want to do is steer my clients in the wrong direction.  They can always rely on […]
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Pull up a chair

I don’t know about you,  but when I have company, it seems that there are never enough seats to go around.  It becomes a grown up version of musical chairs.  Why not provide extra spots that are tucked away, yet close at hand, but out of the way when not needed? A timeless way of accomplishing […]
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The “Baby Fabulous” Home

Keep your house beautiful with the new addition to the family. My husband and I have always been career-oriented professionals who have strived to create an immaculately decorated home.  But in the summer of 2010 our life was spun around 180 degrees by our decision, “Let’s have a baby”! Well our Little Miracle became reality pretty quickly, putting our plans into high gear. Our joy […]
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Creating a serene retreat in your bedroom

Creating a serene retreat in your bedroom gives you a place to rest that warms your spirit night after night.  Bedrooms should be designed to be ideal for sleeping, which according to the Mayo Clinic, often means cool, dark and quiet.  They should calm you and take you away from the noise and stress of the […]
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Pinterest: My Latest Design Obsession

If you adore all things domestic and fashion forward (including interior design, home furnishings, gardening, cooking, fashion, travel, etc.) and want a fabulous one-stop source for inspiration, then Pinterest  just might become your newest addiction for ideas, as it has become mine (just like Furnitureland South is one-stop shopping for home furnishings!).  I discovered Pinterest last […]
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Ralph Lauren…Not Only Clothing!

For over 40 years Ralph Lauren has epitomized luxury, superior craftsmanship and elegant casual style in the world of fashion apparel, but did you know that it has also been a trend setter in the home furnishings industry as well? First partnering with renowned furniture manufacturer Henredon, and now followed by equally prestigious E.J. Victor , the current official licensee of Ralph Lauren Home, this brand continues to […]
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Why are there such differences in mattress prices?

A while back I wrote a post titled Put Your Money Where Your Mattress Is, and since we just had the official grand opening of our beautiful Sleepland gallery at Furnitureland South, I thought this would be the perfect time to follow up on this topic. People come in our store everyday and ask “I saw a […]
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