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Breaking Stereotypes: The Wing Chair

The classic wing chair. Its silhouette is easily the most recognized of all chairs and its graceful curves have made this a favorite of royalty for hundreds of years. The wing was born out of necessity, designed to keep chilly drafts away from the face while the warmth of the fireplace kept the heat close. […]
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More Than 50 Shades of Gray

Gray…The most talked about color of the moment… Encompassing all-cool and timeless sophistication, this mysterious shade is born of both black and white, proving it is often much better to whisper than to shout. Such is the seduction of gray. Allow me to be your guide to discover the power of gray… There is no better […]
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It’s summertime, and the living is easy

Are you making the most of your patio/yard as an extension of your living space and an ideal spot for entertaining?  I have a client who has purchased quite a lot of outdoor furniture from me, and was kind enough to share the results of her own outdoor oasis. I love the how the turquoise […]
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