I LOVE my adjustable bed!

I love EVERYTHING about my adjustable bed. It relieves all of the stress in my body after a long day. I can’t wait to get into bed at night!

The adjustable base has zero gravity capabilities—which means that your feet & head are elevated, eliminating lower back pressure & allowing your muscles to relax! The increased circulation & blood flow to all the muscles in your body enables you to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

Motion Custom 1

As if this wasn’t cool enough on its own, adjustable bases are also known to reduce snoring! You can adjust the position of your head to open airways of your nose & mouth, allowing snorers to breathe more productively. An adjustable base has been proven to provide relief from acid reflux disease, multiple sclerosis, back & neck pain, as well as other breathing issues.

I personally love to read & watch TV in bed. Now I don’t have to pile pillows behind me—I can simply elevate the head & watch or read in TOTAL comfort. My base even has a USB port, which allows me to charge my phone without having cords all over my nightstand. Some bases even have Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to play music through built-in speakers!

Motion Perfect 1

Now, I get such a good night’s sleep on my new adjustable base that I don’t even have to use an alarm clock anymore! It’s incredible how wonderful I feel every morning. I wake up with no pain, ready to take on the day. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my adjustable base, and can’t imagine life without it! My wish is that everyone should experience the difference.

Contact me at Furnitureland South to learn more about how an adjustable base can change your life, too!

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