5 Reasons to Own a Rug

If you’re considering purchasing a rug, do the thing! Buy a rug. We bet you’re probably thinking about a rug addition to your home for one of five reasons. Were we correct? Find out by reading our top 5 reasons to own a rug.

Surya rugsReason #1: to cover imperfections

You found your dream home. It’s an older home, historic even. It has charm oozing from its every nook and cranny. It’s perfect — well, almost. It’s solid hardwood floors are beautiful and full of character (i.e. scratches). Adding a rug is the perfect, most cost-efficient way to disguise what some would call a flaw.  It covers any blemishes in the wood and adds warmth to your house to make it truly your home.

Reason #2: to add comfort and warmth underfoot

Speaking of warmth, do you ever slide out of your warm and cozy bed in the morning only to plop your feet down onto cold flooring? We have and, you know what, avoiding that freezing floor frenzy of walking across the floor on your toes or the edge of your feet is as easy as introducing a comfortable and stylish rug.

Surya rugsReason #3: to protect flooring and furniture

It may be that your floor isn’t scratched, and your furniture is brand-new. If that’s the case, we’re guessing you’d like to keep your floors and your furniture in like-new condition. I’m not talking about placing a plastic covering over your sofa like your grandmother used to do — we have amazing performance fabrics to solve that problem. I’m talking about not having to lift up every foot of your furniture to place self-adhesive floor protectors that you’ll just end up sweeping up after a few months.

Reason #4: to stifle sounds

You’ve noticed that your floors creak and your toddler’s heavy heels stomp through the house at just the right volume to make you a little crazy. The addition of a rug inside the house can have the same effect as the quiet that comes with the first snow of the season when the whole world is covered by a snowy carpet. Yep, you’re going to want a quieter and more stylish space. You want a rug.

Surya rugsReason #5: to tie the room design together

We’ve been hinting at this the whole time. Rugs are the foundation of every rooms design style. They set the tone of the room from the ground up, while also creating a defined space. You’ve probably seen a welcome mat in the entry of a home or dining room rug to define a formal dining space — this super rug-tastic superpower applies to every room of your home.

Moral of the story? Have a little fun and get a rug. #ProblemSolved

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Images provided by Surya.

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