A bit of bling, please

It is my opinion that every woman should own a bit of bling. Something that sparkles and is the envy of all your friends. I suppose most will immediately think of jewelry when I say bling, but I’m talking about furniture. Perhaps a bit more practical than a giant diamond ring? During my visit to the Furnitureland South Outlet Center yesterday afternoon, I came across these gorgeous chaise lounges — available immediately at crazy discounted prices! Can anyone say immediate gratification?

Regency House Chaise
This Regency House chaise retails for $5,330 - on clearance for $2,255

Key City Chaise
This chaise, by Key City, retails for $7,800 - on clearance for $2,600

Please contact me at katezylstra@furniturelandsouth.com or 336.822.3000 ext. 2622 if you are interested in some bling for your home.  These pieces won’t be on the floor for long!

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