A Natural Touch

With fall in the air, my mind is filled with everything outdoors: crisp weather, bonfires and leaves crunching underfoot. I know I’m not alone when I say “I LOVE being outdoors this time of year!”  With so many potential design ideas, why not bring the outdoors in? This is exactly what a lot of furniture manufacturers are doing!  What better way to enjoy our home than surrounded by beautiful natural elements?

This poster bed by Hooker Furniture displays gracious amounts of natural Sea Hyacinth (sea grass for the layman).

Harbour Pointe Sea Hyacinth Bed
Harbour Pointe Sea Hyacinth Bed

Stained in a dark “bungalow” finish, this piece adds natural texture and visual interest to your bedroom!

Similarly, this woven abaca  chair from Miles Talbott brings a breath of fresh air to any room!

Miles talbott banana and abaca weave chair
Miles Talbott Banana and Abaca Weave Chair

The neutral tones of the linen fabric blend easily with many interiors.  The banana and abaca weave texture lend a casual “outdoorsy” appearance, while still looking polished and sophisticated.

Prefer nature at your footsteps, rather than on your furniture?  Try an all-natural rug like this great woven sisal:

Stanley Furniture uses a sisal rug for a touch of casual elegance
Stanley Furniture uses a sisal rug for a touch of casual elegance

Stanley furniture paired this beautiful sisal rug with other natural elements, such as the tree branch, to create an “outside in” appearance.

Add these natural elements to your interior and you can enjoy the outside from the cozy comfort of your home all winter long!

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