A Quintet of Trends

The world’s largest furniture fashion show in High Point, NC displays every home furnishings concept from the “tried and true,” to the freshest and most innovative artistic expressions. For those of us who are curious about the design elements which make our home feel most inviting to us and which express our unique preferences and experiences, the High Point Market is an exciting experience. And Furnitureland South is even better than Market, as we edit all the newest furniture trends for our displays!

The trend arbiters saw at least five (there are plenty more!) refreshing directions that many showrooms exhibited for 2011. Not just “old” styles reintroduced; they have a unique 2011 twist. You have to see it to understand it! Using fabrics as vocabulary, I’ll tell you the Fall Fashion story as I see it.

Contemporary FabricsContemporary
Imagine strong contrasts, textures with surface interests, geometrics, lighter, and smaller-scaled furniture with simplified lines. Metal furniture and metallic finishes on furniture and fabric – gold, copper, and silver – used as accents, table tops, or inlays. Bright colored leathers. Natural walnut finishes. Modern can transform a space into an uncluttered domain!

Simplified FrenchFrench
Visualize Classic French-inspired fabrics used as slipcovers, laundry bag motifs used as chair pads, and rustic oak furniture with a gray wash and often embellished with decorative brackets on classic French shapes. Fleur-de-lys and quatrefoil patterns used as fretwork. French will never be out of fashion!

Think desert colors – turquoise and corals, grays and golds, natural textures paired with reclaimed woods, sustainable materials, ottomans used as cocktail tables, leather upholstery, and big, bold patterns! Here you’ll see influences from folk art and Mexico and “mix and match” styles. You’ll love it!

The relaxing color BLUE is hot! Every imaginable shade from deep teal to navy to turquoise. Remember comfort – a sectional with a chaise lounge, brassy metals with a rustic feel, gears and pulleys paired with crystal and velvet. In economic down times – nostalgia rules!

Picture the 80s – turquoise, teal and melon jewel tones paired with granny smith greens, mirrored or high-gloss lacquer furniture – or Lucite anything for surface interest. Lighting is done casually and artistically, and there are lots of glass cocktail tables. We all want our homes to look updated and fresh.

Did the new vibes inspire YOU to steer away from the ordinary?

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