A Time for Change…

Fall is here and change is all around!

With the new season comes crisp-chilly air, fun festivities and a wave of colorful seasonal changes unfolding all around us! The changes of autumn should have you thinking of other important changes. Have you considered changing the color of your bedroom? Studies have shown that people who paint their bedrooms blue, sleep for a longer period of time, over those with different colored walls. Pull out your paint brush, grab a bucket of your favorite shade of blue and get your paint on! Start feeling the “blues” and gain some extra Zzzz’s!Legacy Classic Bedroom Suite - Blue Mood Walls

Switching up your wall color is not the only thing that will make a difference. There are several things you can do to promote positive sleep health. First, make sure you have a mattress that fits YOU!  The right fit is essential. Two other crucial components to better sleep are eliminating restlessness by staying in one spot longer and achieving proper spinal alignment. When you have the correct mattress, there is no need to toss and turn. Your body will begin to love the position you are in and stay satisfied in a state of rest. The right mattress makes all the difference!

There are exciting changes happening at Sleepland. One of our manufacturing partners, Spring Air, has just re-vamped their gallery! This serene gallery hosts the new, stylish Spring Air collection, showcasing their local quality craftsmanship while promoting healthy sleep. They do so through proper support and comfort . . . it’s something they believe in! This family business that began in 1926, has continued to help people sleep better with their dedication to creating quality products and maintaining customer satisfaction. They have great value choices to fit all budgets!

Want to experience a spa like mattress shopping experience? Visit Sleepland to truly shop in comfort. Spring Air is just one of our leading brands amongst our five other manufacturing partners to choose from. Shop our wide array of quality sleep options, you’ll be glad you did!

Come to Sleepland and let Rachel and I help you sleep-better-sooner!

Rachel & Rachel – Sleepland Bedding Specialists

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