A Wish Made True for Maria!

Maria, a lovely 12 year old girl, recovering from a bone tumor surgery, had her wish come true last Saturday!  As a huge  fan of the TV show “Tanked” on the Animal Planet,  she dreamed of seeing the famous aquarium bed featured in one of the episodes.

Sweet Maria and the Tanked bed!

The kids clowning around with our giant clown fish!

It started with an email inquiry I received a couple days before:

“Hello, This will be a rather odd email question. My 12 year old is recovering after bone tumor surgery last week. Well, she is big fan of a t.v. show called Tanked. We believe one of their custom tank builds is at your store. Plus, my wife would like shop for some kids beds this Saturday. If your store has the bed fish tank we will be there. If this is not the store than this email will be even stranger. Could you confirm if this is store that was on Tanked? Thank you for your time and patience. Sonny”

How rewarding it is to be not only a Design Consultant in the world’s largest furniture store but also a Dream Maker!

The whole family and the Tanked bed at Furnitureland South

This lovely family visited Furnitureland South on Saturday, with 4 kids and an aunt! We all had a fabulous time, exploring the fish and marveling on the size of this tank and wondering how it would feel to fall asleep with the fish looking at you ! It was so great to see Maria smile during recovery! Nothing is like a “Fish Tank Therapy”!

Our prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Maria…. She is such a brave young lady!

Maria and the Tanked bed at Furnitureland South

The family observing the fish in the Tanked bed

The Fish Tank Bed from Tanked at Furnitureland South!

You can catch the TANKED reveal on Animal Planet!

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