Al Capone

Did you know that Al Capone’s fake business card allegedly said he was a used furniture salesman? That’s what Twitter told me just the other day! While I am not sure how knowledgeable Al Capone would be about furniture, I can imagine that he would be pretty persuasive in convincing customers to purchase.

Of course, being in the furniture business, I thought this was some pretty interesting news! It had me daydreaming of the 1920s for a minute, and then I starting thinking, “Is this even a fact or did someone make it up?” Finally I thought of what type of furniture Al Capone would like.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of American gangster, Al Capone, I picture him sitting behind a dark, bulky desk in his over-sized executive chair puffing on a big, fat cigar.

Executive Desk

Something like this Executive Desk from Hooker Furniture would stand up to his reputation. It is bold and regal, and has plenty of storage for who-knows-what he might need to hide away.

Bradford Desk Chair

Add to it a tufted chair that makes a statement. It’s comfortable but professional. And let’s face it … we know he won’t be sitting there often, so the tufted back will offer a nice view in his absence.

But I don’t think it would stop there!  The more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that he would want a statement-making piece worth of his reputation. Something with lots of storage for his many “accounts” would surely be in his office space. I think he would pick any of these great wall units in a heartbeat!

Marge Carson Martinique Office Unit
Marge Carson Martinique Office Unit
Cherry Creek Executive Office
Cherry Creek Executive Office
Home Office
Home Office

So whether or not it’s true that Al Capone’s business card said he sold used furniture – he would definitely have to admit that the selection we have at Furnitureland South has him beat.

Interested in putting together a beautiful home office like what I’ve shown you? Why don’t you stop by or give us a call? We will help you out!

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