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Cherry Yount has been a designer for more than sixteen years. She had her own interior decorating business for six years and worked with clients in their homes on a project-by-project basis. Outstanding sales have helped Cherry to be included in the 1.5 million dollar club at Furnitureland South. Cherry is energetic, enthusiastic and listens to her clients’ ideas so that she can reflect their personality and lifestyle in the design of their homes. Whether you are doing an entire house or just one room, she can help you create the look you are trying to achieve. Cherry invites you to call or e-mail to get started on designing the beautiful home you deserve.

To contact Cherry, call 336.822.3000 ext. 3311.

Design Tip articles by Cherry:
Finding Your Personal Style

What are clients saying about Cherry?

Sabine and I just wanted to thank you again for the exceptional service and support you provided to us last Friday and Saturday. Your tireless dedication to working with us was very much appreciated. Thank you for your honest and direct input – its what we really value. We are very happy with the choices we made and can’t wait until they arrive.

We also wanted to let you know that we have made plans for our 2nd trip down to finish up our “list” (dining room, patio / outdoor, and remainder of family room). We will be there on Thurs-Fri, March 27th-28th. Please let us know if this works for your calendar.

Again thank you, and we look forward to staying in touch. Best”
Jim and Sabine | Chicago, IL

“I have been working with Cherry Yount, who has been beyond fantastic. I truly appreciate her and her knowledge of all of the merchandise your store sells. I could not be happier with her and everything she does for me is over the top. She answers my emails at ten pm!! Please know the treasure you have in her!”
Joanne Warchol | Huntley, IL

“Cherry was funny and charming in addition to being excellent at helping us choose an assortment of furniture for our new home. We worked nearly eight hours to complete three rooms. Cherry never missed a beat, remained cheerful and helpful as we made the usual amateur design gaffes, and gently circled us back to a beautiful combination of furniture styles and fabrics. We look forward to working with Cherry Yount again, and cheerfully place the look of our new home’s interior in her hands.”
Dr. John Gwin | Chapel Hill, NC

“We love our Design Consultant Cherry Yount. She is always so helpful.”
Diana & Arnie C. | Millstone, NJ

“The huge task before me of choosing furniture for 2 rooms in my home turned into an enjoyable experience as Cherry Yount turned my job into a fun adventure. I really didn’t feel competent in putting together all the components needed to create something beautiful in my home, however, in working with Cherry my worries quickly were eliminated as she provided her expert advice and design knowledge.

It is amazing how much information the design staff at Furnitureland South has to know working in the largest furniture store in the world. But over and above just having information, Cherry used her expertise in combining styles, colors, and the right textures together. She worked tirelessly with me and never stopped until she found just the right combinations that I was happy with.

It was such a blessing having such a gifted person helping me. I could never have accomplished what she did for me on my own. She is an amazing person. I would be happy to recommend Furnitureland South and Cherry Yount to anyone wishing to purchase furniture and design a space.”
Sharon P. ” Miami, FL

“Cherry presented the options patiently and professionally without
applying pressure. We came to buy, not to shop, so that made the
experience easier for all.”
Bob & Diana C. | High Point, NC

“The whole experience was great. We felt we were dealing with a professional company, well organized and well equipped to handle customers from all over the world. You are lucky to have Cherry Yount on your staff, and we were very lucky to have her as our Sales & Design Consultant. Two full days Cherry spent with us and made us feel that we were her only customers. She is very knowledgeable, pleasant, and above all very professional. We are sure that any further purchases will be through Cherry, and we will tell all our friends to contact her at Furnitureland South.”
Roxanne G. | Naples, FL

“Cherry, seriously, thank you so much for your help and effort. No wonder I like you. YOU NEVER GIVE UP.

…You are very lucky, lucky & lucky to have Cherry. We were also very lucky, lucky & lucky to have her as our Consultant. Cherry made us feel as if we were her only customer with total devotion & fun.”
Ara G.

“I would like to thank Mrs. Cherry Yount for her tremendous hard work she put into this project. When I was told that she was the best, I did not know how close to the truth it was! She is a real keeper.”
Nishan K. | Sterling Heights, MI

“Thank you for your excellent assistance in interior design as it relates to the purchase of furniture for our new home. Gail and I have found your help to far exceed our expectations.”
Gail and Leven | Dallas, TX

By way of background my wife and I recently purchased a home in Florida.
Our intent was to escape the harsh winters of Chicago and to quickly furnish this entire home hoping to salvage the remainder of the season. I spent the majority of my career in Corporate America and as such transferred to a new city every few years. Every new city would require a new Interior Decorator. I’m convinced we could write a book on our experiences.
As you can imagine there is a vast difference between Design Consultants in NYC, Dayton Ohio, Chicago, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, etc. etc. etc. A decorator friend of ours recommended Furnitureland South for our task and we were assigned Cherry Yount. To say we were fortunate would be an significant understatement. We can say unequivocally that Cherry is by far the best Design Consultant we have ever used … period. In every aspect of her responsibilities she was exceptional. We were able to furnish the entire home in several days with exceptional results. This was due to all the work she performed before our arrival as well as the significant work required after our departure. Her efficiency, talent, attention to detail and exceptional customer service should be held as an example of how it’s done. Cherry is truly talented. Thanks for providing such an exceptional individual. By the way, I meet both of you while working with Cherry as you where filming a store video. | Jim and Margaret Reddy |

Poppi and Vik’s Extreme Home Makeover

Poppi and Vik came to me in October and asked for help with the new home they had just purchased in Charlotte, NC. They had recently moved from apartment life and had sold all of their “college” furniture. They wanted their new home, as Poppi said, to “look like something out of a magazine”. Being enthusiastic […]
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Abby and Tyler are a young couple, recently married, who just purchased their first home.  As with most newlyweds, they are learning how to blend their styles. Abby likes menswear fabrics, plaids, cable knits and lace. She has a degree in Art History and a personal  love of  pen and ink drawings.   Tyler likes  leather, […]
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The Fashionable Way to Dress . . . Your Floor!

Be inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship of Surya rugs and accessories. These beauties are truly works of art, handwoven by skilled hands. If you are looking to make a statement, make an investment in a Surya rug from Furnitureland South. Call us today to connect with a personal Design Consultant 866.436.8056!
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The Ultimate Challenge …

A few months ago my boss asked me if I would help he and his wife with their new house. WOW … what a compliment! And then I thought, WOW … what a challenge!! Joel and Lynn are a young, professional couple with a five year-old daughter. Joel is energetic and likes an edgy look […]
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Beginning with the blueprint…

One of my dearest and most treasured friends called me to say she was building her last house. She was getting rid of everything but the master bedroom suite and wanted my help with her new custom-built home. She and I spent hour after hour pouring over the plans, making changes based on her and […]
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Scale & Proportion, Part 1: The Basics

Clients often ask me, “How do I know what size something should be?”  Interior designers always use scale and proportion when determining whether or not a piece works in a room. The easiest way to think about scale is to equate it with size , but it is important to remember that large or small scale […]
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The heartbeat of the home…

… is the kitchen. Both my son and I love to cook, so our family always gathers in the kitchen. We like big islands and spacious countertops so we can spread out lots of ingredients and do all the prep work; and we have to have that all important triangle between the refrigerator, stove and […]
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What inspires you?

Fabulous furniture is wonderful, but to truly establish the character of your home, find something that inspires you! Here are a few tips to help you get started: This room reflects the serenity of the water and a casual lifestyle. Here, colors were kept to a minimum allowing a natural setting to become the backdrop […]
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