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Meet Caroline and McKenzie, these best friends go together like peas and carrots. With adventurous hearts and creative spirits they have formed Design the Gap. Currently, the spotlight is on interior design and decorating however, there is still a void, or Gap if you will, that needs to be filled. That is, until now. Design the Gap was created with the intention of helping you fill your personal unique design gap; creating a bridge from your imagination, to your reality. Pinterest gives you great ideas, but how do you execute them? Did you inherit furniture that has sentimental value but doesn’t mix with your more modern taste? Have you recently downsized and need help organizing your smaller space? Whatever your unique gap is, Design the Gap can fill it. Follow them as they go from adventure to adventure in the world of interiors filling the gaps one design at a time.

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What are customers saying about Caroline and McKenzie?

You are the “woman,” as a retired VP of Sales I am attuned to sales technique and most importantly customer service. You excel in both. I was impressed how you remained composed and flexible during our visit. My wife pulled you one way and me another. We did not intend to make a purchase but YOU fortified us with useful information that led to a positive Furnitureland South experience.” – Ed and Linda K.

The Baker Trilogy Part One: An Education

Remember us?? I’m McKenzie. And I’m Caroline, and we are Design the Gap. Don’t forget I [Caroline] am talking when you see the bold font. While I [McKenzie] am talking when you see the normal text. Feel free to interject any thoughts you have yourself. We interrupt each other all the time. We just get so excited! Ladies […]
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“Design the Gap” visits the Biltmore Estate!

Hi, I’m Caroline! And I’m McKenzie! We are the proud founders of Design the Gap. Have you ever visited a place that was so enchanting it made you feel like you were transported back in time to a place where Mr. Darcy was awaiting your arrival, Carson took your coat, and Lumiere lead you on a grand […]
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