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Natalie Lenahan Dean comes to us from California with a love of Coastal, Napa Style and Mountain Retreat design. Natalie’s background includes more than 18 years in Marketing and Design. Being a mother of three she has a natural passion for elegant, functional, soothing and safe children’s spaces. Let Natalie inspire you and develop your next retreat.

To contact Natalie, call 866.436.8056 ext. 2206.

What are clients saying about Natalie?

“I have now completely furnished my entire home with products purchased over the last six months, and if I had to do it all over again I would do it the same way. A Giant Big Thanks goes out to my Design Consultant Natalie Lenahan Dean. I honestly do not think I could have done it without her. Having to deal with someone like me is difficult enough, but her patience, understanding and definitely most important, her in-depth knowledge of styles and colors was a win for me. I am still amazed at how I can ask her where a specific item might be seen, and she can take you right to it. Thanks so much. ”
~ Craig W., Winston-Salem, NC

“Natalie was extremely professional and helpful. The ordering process online was fantastic.” ~ Cheryl J., Apex, NC

“Natalie Lenahan Dean should be commended, she went above and beyond. She drove over to the showroom to check out the console I was interested in. She sent me pictures of it. She also found out for me that this particular one was on sale, so I not only got the piece I wanted but it was on sale. She was an absolute pleasure!!!! Please let her know her service excellence will ensure my future business. In addition I will tell friends!!! She also followed up with a beautiful note to ensure my satisfaction and good health and memories with my new console. She is an angel!!!!” ~ Christine M., Staten Island, NY

Creating a serene retreat in your bedroom

Creating a serene retreat in your bedroom gives you a place to rest that warms your spirit night after night.  Bedrooms should be designed to be ideal for sleeping, which according to the Mayo Clinic, often means cool, dark and quiet.  They should calm you and take you away from the noise and stress of the […]
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Think Summer!

Summer will be here before you know it, a time of family gatherings, lemonade, iced tea and shellfish by the shore. When I think about a beach cottage, all of these wonderful summer-related things come to mind. Fine Furniture Design & Marketing has elegantly brought this feeling to life in its latest collection, Summer Home. This well designed, relaxed dining […]
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What makes you tick?

For my Mother, it is the constant sound of her Grandfather Clock. For me it is the beautiful chime of her clock and the memory of her receiving the clock that I will never forget. For years my mother had wanted a Grandfather clock – the perfect clock – for the perfect spot in the […]
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Winter Warmth

Have you noticed the beautiful fall colors this season? I have. I’ve also noticed the chill in the air. Many of us live in climates that allow us to enjoy the warmth of our fireplaces and the feeling of a cozy warm home. A lodge feel becomes appealing when we’re looking at the fire in […]
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World-Class at Home

I don’t know about you, but with my busy schedule I don’t seem to have enough time to make that monthly getaway to my favorite boutique hotel. After viewing the new Hotel Maison line, I have decided to make my home a world class, daily destination. For those of you in need of some serious […]
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Hollywood is Calling…

For all the Starlets dreaming of Hollywood or the Big Apple, dreams can come true … for your home! Be ready for your casting call with Hollywood Swank from Jane Seymour and Michael Amini’s collection by Aico. Lights. Camera. Action! Glamour is a daily necessity in a Starlet’s life. Keep track of your bookings in this […]
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Camping Indoors

Summer is here, so let’s go camping! What child doesn’t love to pretend to camp year-round? The love of nature, the smell of wood and the dreams that are to be had under the stars … the perfect indoor camping experience can be had (without the bugs) with a little help from these youth furniture lines found at […]
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A Home Resort for all Ages

Shouldn’t every day feel like a vacation?  Imagine entering every room of your home feeling as if you’re walking into your own private resort.  A home should make you feel warm, welcome and relaxed. Couples with children shouldn’t have to compromise this feel. Consider bringing wonderful resort furniture into every room of your home. A beach […]
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In Bloom

Spring is here, the daffodils are up and ornamental trees are in full bloom. Moms-to-be are anxiously awaiting their new arrivals, as baby nurseries all around the world are starting to bloom.
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Inspirational Nurseries

As I watch my young girls grow into adulthood, I have been so inspired by the rooms in which we have lived. Creating rooms that evoked beautiful memories are just one of the many joys of parenthood.  As a young mother I strove to keep the romance in my life and creating a romantic, soothing […]
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