Living Room From Baker Furniture, at Furnitureland South, High Point, NCIt is style, it is quality, it is craftsmanship, it is Baker.

If I were to choose a manufacturer of furniture that evokes the strongest emotion, it would be Baker.  Baker Furniture, simply said, is the epitome of all that furniture was crafted to be.  It is timeless in design and heirloom in quality.  This is what makes the purchase of Baker an investment into the future for generations.

Baker Furniture for your Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room. Whether you know the biography of the designer from a Baker collection or the inspiration and history of a beautifully crafted chest, you will know that Baker was chosen as a careful steward to convey the message of each piece.  Just viewing a Baker catalog inspires us. From the most contemporary design selections to the grandest traditional collections, owning Baker is the essence of style in any century.

A timeless wood desk from Baker Furniture, found at Furnitureland South

The sophistication of Baker should not cloud us from the livability of Baker. Its fine inlaid woods and beautiful hand finishes compel you to touch and feel the surfaces. The luxurious comfort of the upholstery commands you to sit and stay seated. You should eat, rest and entertain with Baker.  As each piece is handcrafted, hand painted, hand carved and finished– it is done so to have its place in your home. It was not made to be set apart, but to be taken in as a favorite piece of your daily life.

Classic Living room style by Baker Furniture, from Furnitureland South

As the jewel is crafted to adorn, art is formed to inspire or luxury is made to envelop, so goes Baker. Whether you have a collection of Baker or just one piece, you should have something.  It should be your piece, your pleasure, your Baker.

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