Berg: More than just a bed

Wouldn’t you love for your children’s furniture to make them more creative, more well-rounded, and maybe even smarter? Imagine that! And you don’t have to just imagine it … you can experience it with Berg Furniture’s amazing beds.

There have actually been some studies on the positive effects Berg furniture has on kids. The researchers, who are analysts on consumer behavior, noticed children in a local store flocking to the Berg beds and heading straight up the signature staircase. These beds are not just a place to sleep. They are systems that create environments. They initiate special moments within the actual bedroom space. This is where the creativity begins.


Berg offers so many different elements that make up these “environments.” First off, almost every set comes with those great stairs. They take the idea of a bunk bed to the next level. I think the stairs allow children to imagine that it is their own little house. Not only do they provide more safety benefits than the traditional bunk bed ladder, they also offer tons of extra storage space built in to each step. The width of the staircase is about the same as a nightstand, which means there is no wasted space! berg3

Berg’s beds have plenty of shelves that add even more storage, as well as nice display space for books and your child’s greatest treasures. Almost all of the beds provide additional space underneath, whether it be a desk, another bed, or even a small playroom. These little spaces help create moments that spark a child’s imagination. The bottom beds provide areas of opportunity for snuggling, book reading, and storytelling, all with a roof overhead and a nightlight for that nice added glow.


One key feature that parents love about Berg beds, is that they give your children what they need (a bed, desk, storage, play area) while consolidating it all into one piece that takes up only a fraction of the room. This creates more floor space to move through, play on, and use. That makes Berg’s beds ideal for small spaces – just put one of these in a room and you’re done! (How easy is that?)


Check out the pull-out desk feature on this Play & Study Group! You can tuck it away when it’s not in use.


There are even options for your teens! Look at this cute take on a day bed. Tons of storage underneath, a built-in bookshelf, and it can act as a place for your teen to lounge with friends during the day.


Need space for a few kids? They have that covered too! Sleepovers are no problem when your kids have a Berg bedroom!

Berg gives you more than just a bed. These are not just bunk beds – they are room systems. They give you every piece of furniture you would normally buy for a space, consolidated into a concise arrangement that (in most cases) fits into the space of an average bed.

Children’s environments are so important, as they make an impact on the subconscious and can shape the sociological future of a child. Kids respond to their surroundings, and the Berg environment sets them up to respond intelligently and creatively.

Need another reason? They are constructed of engineered wood and melamine that is non-allergenic, easy to clean, incredibly durable and will not scratch like most wood furniture. (Oh, and don’t get put off by “engineered wood.” It is still a natural product and uses 65% more of a tree than typical wooden furniture would use, thereby eliminating waste.) And last, but certainly not least, they are a family-owned company made in America!

So if you want to encourage a creative environment for your children and are looking for a way to save space in your kid’s room and maximize storage, then come on over to Furnitureland South. I will be happy to introduce you and your kids to the wonderful world of Berg.

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