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With today’s active lifestyle, your upholstery serves many purposes. Kids and parents alike watch TV, play video games, tweet and text, eat, drink, lounge, even sleep on the sofa or chair – add pets and friends, too! Along with this lifestyle comes the hazard of stains and soil. As a result, many upholstery manufacturers turned to “micro type fibers”, slip covers, bonded leathers and such, only to find that the trade off in comfort, styling, and appearance was a sacrifice they quickly came to regret.


SUNBRELLA to the rescue! Glen Raven Mills’ universally accepted fabric for everything, from outdoor furniture, boat furniture, automobile convertible tops, even outdoor umbrellas and awnings, is quickly finding its way into the home.  New patterns, new colors, warm tones, and bright bursts of color, all add to the exciting offerings now available from Sunbrella. These fabrics allow you to place your personal stamp on worry-free furniture for your entire family. Trusted as durable and versatile, this fabric adds to your peace of mind and brings your personality to your furniture, as well. Feel free to mix the subtle with the bold, stripes with floral, checks and soft palette weaves, your options are boundless. With worry-free Sunbrella, your masterpiece can be displayed where everyone lives.


SUNBRELLA is classified as a “performance” fabric and for good reason. The durability is legendary. Having been time tested for generations, in every conceivable outdoor environment, Sunbrella has proven its reputation. Couple that with its amazing cleaning ability and stain repelling characteristics and you have the perfect fabric for your not-so-perfect family environment. PBJ? Fruit drinks? Mustard? Lipstick? Wine? Spaghetti? Pizza? No worry, they all clean easily from Sunbrella.  Even nail polish, lipstick, and ink are washed away with no residue. Of course the easiest thing to do with most liquid stains is to remove the liquid as quickly as possible, by blotting the area and ensuring all the liquid is removed, but even the worst stains can be cleaned with the proper cleaning solution. (All Sunbrella fabrics have a special finish that enhances the water repellency of the fabric. This treatment is designed to last for several years.) Your new furniture will come with a handy guide to cleaning everyday stains and spills. So go ahead, dare to design, create your own comfortable carefree world and know that Sunbrella performance fabrics will be there for years to come. Keep your own individual look . . . just as you dreamed it!


Larry NesslerFurnitureland South Design Consultant
336.822.3000  x 2676

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