Citrus and Amethyst: An Unlikely Pair

Citrus and amethyst are a great color combination, but can be very bold. While it can have a “retro” or vintage look, it also proves to be sophisticated. Whether you use yellow or lime green, either can pair with amethyst on just about anything!

The boldness of this color combination can be toned down so easilyanother reason it is so great to use! To tone it down, use white or grey colors for the larger space and use citrus and amethyst as accents. This bright duo is perfect for accent pillows on a sofa or chair, or accessories around your living room. This Bernhardt Haven Collection Upholstered Platform Bed is the perfect neutral color to use with the citrus blanket and amethyst pillows. The combination and pop of color is fun, but sophisticated.

bernhardt citrus

If you want to be really bold, try the colors as accent walls in your home with larger white walls. This would be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen! Stick to a neutral base and you will have a pop of color that adds a springtime feel to your home.

Combining citrus and amethyst in a pattern on an accent wall, throw pillow, or accent chairs is a great way to play with these colors in your home or not get overwhelmed with the combination’s bold look. This amethyst-patterned Lillian August accent chair complements the Lillian August white sofa with amethyst and citrus throw pillows,and even includes the rug! This color combination can be used so many different ways, and it makes for a simply beautiful living room!

lillian august citrus

If this color combination is too bold for your home on furniture pieces, you can add it in with artwork. Try bringing a painting, decorative plates, or even flowers into your space with these colors and the added pop will make your space come alive!

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