Creating a serene retreat in your bedroom

Creating a serene retreat in your bedroom gives you a place to rest that warms your spirit night after night.  Bedrooms should be designed to be ideal for sleeping, which according to the Mayo Clinic, often means cool, dark and quiet.  They should calm you and take you away from the noise and stress of the day.

A comfortable, peaceful environment is certainly not limited to one style of décor.  Whether you’re looking for a Romantic, Transitional, Modern or Traditional feel, you can create your ideal sleep sanctuary here at Furnitureland South.   Hooker Furniture, Currey & Company lighting and our Sleepland Mattress Gallery are three of my favorite sources that offer the right tools.

Here are some beautiful bedrooms from Hooker Furniture that do just the trick!

Hooker Sanctuary Bedroom

The Romantic Sanctuary Collection

Hooker Sienna Canyon Bedroom

The Transitional Sienna Canyon Collection

Felton Bedroom

The Modern Felton Collection

Beladora bedroom

The Traditional Beladora Collection

Add beautiful lighting by Currey & Company to create a mood that mirrors the decor.

Bettina Pendant

Select the Bettina Pendant for a Romantic room.

Bangle Floor Lamp

Add the Bangle Floor Lamp to any Transitional room.

Cricket_MoonglowThe modern lined Cricket and Moonglow table lamps are sleek!

Now let’s get to the most important part when it comes to sleeping well. Your mattress and pillow are instrumental in getting a good night’s rest, which is the most important eight hours of every day for every body!  Visit our new sleek, serene, Sleepland showroom to select your perfect bed.  Here’s a little bit of what you can expect when you arrive! 

Sleepland Sleepland

Tranquillites Sheets

Sleep tight!

{Product photos courtesy of Hooker Furniture and Currey & Company.}

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