Custom Leather Furniture for Your Home

We’re talking a lot about custom upholstery, but today we’re focusing in on custom leather furniture. If you missed Custom Upholstery 101, you may want to revisit that topic before tackling custom leathers.

Custom leather is just one slice of the custom furniture pie. Upholstery goods are broadly defined as any piece of material covered furniture, including many types of fabrics and leathers. And as we said before, customization is all about options and many of them. It can be overwhelming, but our Design Consultants make the custom furniture process easy.

You have all the typical custom furniture options, including personalized finishes, heights, depths and cushions. You still get to select what type of arm, leg, tufts, pleats and skirts down to the most minute details. With custom leather furniture, you get a couple more options. Custom leather allows you to choose a leather’s feel or, as leather professionals call it, leather’s hand to fit your specifications and lifestyle needs. And contrary to common belief, many custom leather manufacturers allow you to choose a unique and custom leather color.

Many leather furniture vendors featured in the brand new Furnitureland South Leather Gallery, showcase custom leather Moore & Giles, one of the highest quality leather producers.

Moore & Giles Customer Care Specialist, Leslie Winterfeldt, said, “Our custom color program allows us to match a variety of colors, textures and prints for our customers to get exactly what they need.”  This amazing color match ability enables furniture companies like Wesley Hall to choose wonderful, vibrant colors for sofas, sectionals, armchairs and more to fill your home.

Thanks to experts at Moore & Giles and Wesley Hall, we can get a sneak peek into what it takes to coordinate and match color dyed leathers. Daryl Calfee, Moore & Giles Vice President of Marketing, visited Wesley Hall’s factory with two mont blanc emerald leather hides, each of a different shade. Watch as he explains the leather process of color flow that brings the two colors together on one beautiful Wesley Hall leather chair.

Find the Wesley Hall leather chair from the video and much more at Furnitureland South today! Shop Now.

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