Custom Upholstery 101

Have you or your children played video games that allow each player to customize their style, eye color or paint job on the coolest cars you’ve ever seen? These games quickly become personalized for each player by offering a variety of characteristics to choose from. What a great idea to allow gamers to make each game uniquely their own!

At Furnitureland South, we build the backdrop for your lives by offering the best furniture brands for each person to customize to their unique style and comfort specifications. We accomplish this with custom upholstery options.

Upholstery goods are broadly defined as any piece of material covered furniture, including many types of fabrics and leathers. When we talk about upholstery customization, we’re talking about a lot of options and that can be a bit overwhelming, but our Design Consultants make the custom furniture process easy.

Of course, you’re able to purchase a sofa, sectional or other upholstery items as-is; however, your options far surpass standardized merchandise. For example, if you stumble across an ataman you love because of its shape, but you don’t love the fabric or finish — change them. If you find a sofa with an amazing color, but the style of its arms isn’t modern enough for you — update them. Nail heads? Take ‘em or leave ‘em. Seat depth or back height, adjust them. With custom furniture, it’s even possible to control the firmness of your cushion.

Many choose to customize upholstered furniture for comfort control or style control. Either way, our expert Design Consultants help walk you through the design-your-own process to turn it into a custom-made-easy process.

In the furniture capital of the world, High Point, North Carolina, we care a great deal about affordable custom furniture because it’s part of our historic roots. As an NC furniture store, we carry on the legacy of custom furniture, and we make it a practical option for households around the globe. When you think custom upholstery, think North Carolina. In fact, many of our top vendors are proud to be solely custom upholstery manufacturers.

Let’s look at what Furnitureland South top-selling brand, Huntington House, offers in terms of custom upholstery and furniture personalization!

Plan your visit to shop affordable custom furniture at Furnitureland South today. Whether you’re looking for products made in America or the latest in Italian designs, have a one-of-a-kind experience at the world’s largest furniture store while creating your own one-of-a-kind home.

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