Decorate by Numbers

Here are a few numbers to follow when decorating your home.

The general height above the flo0r that a wall fixture should hang  
(in inches)Century 2

The number of inches needed for a major traffic path Huntington House 7123-20RS

The number of inches above a dining table that a chandelier should hang to prevent bumped headsLexington Divonne Dining Room

 The minimum number of  inches a dining room rug should extend past the table on all sides

Hooker Wakefield Dining Room

Hooker Wakefield Dining Room

One person needs a minimum of 24 inches of width and 12 inches of depth to dine. 

Gloster Solana Dining
Gloster Solana Dining
The number of inches that should be allowed between a rug and the wall.  The exception would be a small area, like an entryway.

Century Furniture

The suggested number of inches between a sofa and cocktail table 

Huntington House 4

Huntington House living room

A chandelier should be at least 12 inches less in diameter than the smallest diameter of the table it is hanging over.

Lexington Barrett Dining Table

Lexington Barrett Dining Table

Chandeliers in the foyer should be hung with the bottom at least 6 inches higher than the door height.

Marge Carson Foyer

Marge Carson foyer

The minimum number of feet that should be between a grand piano bench and the wall


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The number of stops you need to make to get all of your furniture shopping done! 


Furnitureland South

(Ok, shameless self-plug there, but I couldn’t resist!)

I hope you found this list helpful.  Do you have any tips to add?  Please comment!

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    These numbers are great! Spacing really does make all the difference when organizing a room. You don’t want to feel cramped or like you’re floating in empty space.