Devoted Delivery

I am always in awe of the level of dedication and professionalism exhibited by the delivery team at Furnitureland South, but the matter was taken to a different level when I recently witnessed a delivery for the most amazing person I’ve ever known—my Mother!

Laura & her Mother

As I drove up to my Mother’s assisted living community, the sleek, black Furnitureland South truck that I love so much was already there waiting for me. They were delivering a chair, but not just any chair—it was a chair that would make my Mother’s life easier, more comfortable, and even healthier.
UltraComfort Stellar ReclinerThis UltraComfort of America “Stellar” recliner has the most positions available in their line. The back and leg support move independently of each other, you can lie in zero gravity, and you can raise your feet above your heart—which is perfect for increasing circulation & decreasing swelling.


This was an extraordinary moment for me, to realize that the people from the place I love most were bringing something to the person that I love most. “Love” is what we’re all about here at Furnitureland South—we deliver what you LOVE. Whether by choice or by chance, electronically or physically, you’ve chosen to come to the largest furniture store in the world. We have the widest selection from which to choose EXACTLY what you want! Fairly soon after you’ve made your purchase, our delivery team becomes involved in your experience.

Mother with delivery professionals

My experience was nothing less than “Stellar!” As I was walking alongside Chase & Austin, our delivery teammates for the day, they wanted to know about my Mother. They were truly excited to know that this chair would increase her quality of life. When she met us all at the door, they shook her hand. They exclaimed, “We’ve brought you your chair!” and she replied excitedly, “I’ve been so looking forward to sitting in it!” My Mother fell in love with this recliner in our Mart at Furnitureland South and was overjoyed when the relief she felt from her acute rheumatoid arthritis in-store translated into her home.

FLS Delivery ServiceI am so grateful that my profession as an interior designer has allowed me to help my Mother & others with projects just like this. For me, it doesn’t get any better than helping people feel more comfortable in their own environments. I say every day, “If it looks like I’ve been there, I haven’t done my job.” I have the privilege of helping my clients design their own sense of home. The pieces they select will be part of their everyday lives LONG after our time together is over. So, you see all of us at Furnitureland South work together to get what you love on our trucks, so that our kind, patient & devoted delivery team can bring you the same level of bliss that my Mother is feeling right now.

Mother with her Stellar Recliner

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