Do You Feel Beautiful in Your Own “Skin”vironment?…

Do you feel good when you walk through your front door? If not, then you should! Why?

Aside from work, your home is where you spend a majority of your time. After all, your home is a place to dine, relax, entertain, work, exercise, and sleep, so it’s no surprise that the interior design can have great importance on your mood and overall life.

Color: “The first thing we see and the last thing we forget.”

Color is very basic, but a very important aspect of your personal space. A profound study by Morton Walker, author of “The Power of Color,” links color and mood to your feelings of positive energy and soothing emotions.

In a home, different colors in paint, furniture, art and other decorative items can illicit certain moods. A well-designed space can help lift your spirits and improve your mood whether you realize it or not… what questions do you have on improving your space and overall life?

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