“Earth Day is Every Day!”

The first Earth Day celebration took place on April 22nd, 1970 and attracted around 20 million participants! Rooted in 1960’s activism, Earth Day was founded as a reaction to poor and neglectful treatment of our environment. It is now a global tradition, reaching over 180 nations around the world.

As the saying goes, “Earth Day is Every Day!”  What can you do to protect the earth every day?

One thing you can do is to purchase environmentally friendly furniture! Furnitureland South carries many lines that are eco-friendly. Located in our Eco-link are lines like Vanguard and Harden, each practicing sustainable manufacturing processes.

Here are a few pieces from Vanguard:

Picture Courtesy of Vanguard FurniturePicture Courtesy of Vanguard FurniturePicture Courtesy of Vanguard FurniturePicture Courtesy of Vanguard Furniture

{ Pictures Courtesy of Vanguard Furniture }

Check out how they have become sustainable through Vanguard The Planet.

Harden is another popular line that practices sustainable manufacturing of their product. They are the only furniture manufacturer to receive the Silver Exemplary status from the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). Check out what they’re doing to save the environment!

Picture Courtesy of Harden Furniture

This Nicole Bar is currently in our Eco-Link!

Picture Courtesy of Harden Furniture

{ Pictures Courtesy of Harden Furniture }

However you decide to contribute on Earth Day, remember this: every day is Earth Day so never stop protecting our environment!

{ Earth Day facts collected from National Geographic }

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