Pulling Together Your ‘Eclectic’ Space!

There’s something I really love about a great eclectic space—it’s fun, inviting, and a space you can really ‘live’ in.  Don’t get me wrong, traditional, modern and transitional spaces are all great too, but there’s something about the mixing and matching and personality of eclectic spaces that get me excited.  They’re personable and really reflect the people that live in them.

houzz inspiration board by meg mcmillan
My Eclectic Mix – Houzz Inspiration Board

The downside: creating an eclectic space can be a challenge.  How do you create a space with pieces from all different styles and make it all work together?  And what’s the difference between ‘eclectic’ and a big mess?  Here are some tips and hints to pulling together the perfect eclectic space!

Rule #1: Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

You’ve probably heard that you aren’t supposed to use different wood tones or metal colors in the same room.  And in a specifically styled room, you probably wouldn’t.  But in an eclectic space…why not?!  Don’t be afraid to mix black and brown, gold and silver.

Inspiration Board - Eclectic Living Room with Plush Sofa and White Chair
In this room scene, I’ve mixed dark metals and silvers, and even painted pieces, along with different wood tones.

Rule #2:  Find pieces you love!

Your home is all about you and should reflect you.  Don’t feel like you have to stick to a particular style or stay within a single collection.  Start by finding pieces that you love.  You can then use accents and accessories to tie everything together.

Eclectic Living Room Board - Brown Leather Chesterfield Tufted Sofa with Wing Back Chairs
Here I started with pieces I love—like the chesterfield sofa, cocktail table, and statement making chairs.

Rule #3: It’s all about balance.

Having an eclectic space is all about a good balance of different styles, colors, and pieces.   While it’s good to mix different metal colors for example, you don’t want all gold finishes and one silver . . . it will look out of place.  Instead, have some gold, some silver, some bronze, etc. or even a piece with a combination.  The same goes for different styles.  You don’t want an entire room of traditionally styled furniture, with one really contemporary piece randomly thrown into the mix.   Have a few traditional pieces, something transitional and a couple contemporary.  To top the look off, use accents and accessories in all styles.

Brown Leather Chairs Arranged with a Casual Eclectic Mix of Furniture
Traditional leather chairs, a casual contemporary sofa, and rustic cocktail tables balance out the styles within the space. Darker and lighter finishes are scattered throughout the room to tie everything together.


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