Fall Enchantment – Dress Your Outdoor Space For Fall!

With the changing of seasons comes a certain harmony of scents, tastes, and colors. My client, Jan Dean of Chapel Hill, NC wanted her outdoor living space to appeal to these exciting senses and really utilize her absolute favorite area of the home.

FLS Designer | Stephanie James Portaro - Chapel Hill Home - Fall Porch

Together, she and I selected this Lloyd/Flanders grouping, which is both intimate and functional seating for four. By incorporating accents, such as the woven rug, side table and potted plants, we achieved a look that fuses the borders of indoor/outdoor living. Several fall elements were placed around the space to transform the patio into an intimate nook, perfect for curling up with a cup of coffee and enjoying the brisk air of fall.

FLS Designer | Stephanie James Portaro - Chapel Hill Home - Fall Porch
Design Tips: Your patio can be functional all-year-round! An important thing to remember, as the weather is changing, so too does the look of your patio. These fall elements can be swapped to accommodate any season.

In addition to the casual seating, a quaint occasional table was selected for mid-morning brunches or evening chats observing the change in foliage.

This beautiful patio is now alive with fall! It has been transformed into an environment that Jan will be sure to entertain her guests or use as an afternoon escape for herself!

Contact Stephanie James for further ideas to transform your outdoor patio, screened porch, or veranda into a year-round living space.

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