Father-Daughter Memories

As we take this month to celebrate kids at Furnitureland South, we should also remember all our fathers and how much they mean to us. Some of my favorite memories with my dad are of being outside sitting by a fire, relaxing by the pool, and most of all … GRILLING! All these activities may require some outdoor furniture.

Fire Pit

Create some memories around the fire with this O.W. Lee fireside setting. Time for S’mores!


You can create an outdoor living room to lounge and relax with friends with comfy settings like this from O.W. Lee.


My dad would drool over a set like this by Gloster. Cold drinks and sunshine … what’s not to love?


Now my father loves to grill, but the best part is being able to sit down and enjoy a meal with great family and friends. Join the Furnitureland South family in thanking fathers for all our wonderful memories. Happy Father’s Day!

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