Four Hands are better than one

Alright, alright, cheesy title — but we’re here to tell you that Four Hands is a hot brand right now. Its rustic, vintage-inspired and contemporary designs supply style for many demographics and furniture shoppers.

This is a furniture manufacturer that values beauty created from natural and manmade elements you may not expect. Whether you’re looking for leather furniture or a bursting brass chandelier, Four Hands has you covered.

During this spring’s High Point Market, the largest furniture market in the world, the marketing team caught up with Charla Adams, Four Hands brand marketing manager, to chat about the latest trends Four Hands will soon bring to the metaphorical table. And while these specific designs won’t be available in-store for a few months, the style tips on the newest furniture fashion trends can be applied with the help of your personal Furnitureland South Design Consultant.

Four Hands furniture, dining roomFurnitureland South: Why should customers purchase Four Hands furniture?

Charla Adams: “I think for us the major draw and what people love about Four Hands is that we don’t just do particular style. So, you can come into Four Hands, and you can get a mix of styles. We do mid-century modern. We do classic, we do traditional — all of these different styles — a little bit of industrial, but I think the most unique part about Four Hands is that it is the blending of those styles, bringing them together and really creating something that is unique that you wouldn’t get somewhere else.”

FLS: You have a ton of lighting in your showroom. What are interior designers’ reactions to that?

CA: “I think people are surprised at all the new lighting that we have in this market. We’ve put a lot of time into really thinking about lighting and bringing options, features and chandeliers so that there’s a lot of lighting options. From mid-century modern inspired to art deco to a little bit more industrial feel … there’s a lot to look at.”

FLS: What’s one of your favorite pieces in this year’s furniture market showroom?

CA: “I love this coffee table, the Andreas coffee table. For us, that’s kind of a modern update on a shadowbox table. You can see the checkerboarding pattern on the front, on the top and it’s still [a part of] the mixed material story that’s happening there. So, you have the brass with the wood and the graining in the wood. We don’t only think about the style of a piece, and how it looks from every angle. We like to think about the functionality of the piece.”

Four Hands furniture, wall artFLS: We noticed a variation in art around the showroom. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

CA: “With art, we have a nature story going right now, we have an animal story going on right now, we have an abstract going on. And within a lot of these pieces — some of the best-selling pieces — we’re even offering those art pieces within three different sizes and options to print on three different substrates.”

FLS: How does the High Point Market help interior designers who would like to sell Four Hands products?

CA: “Market is huge for us. It’s a great opportunity for all of our customers, designers and everybody to come in and actually feel, touch, see the product — see it in a lifestyle setting. They can see the ways we are mixing and matching the furniture in different settings. You get to see all of our new pieces. We have over 400 new products out this market, so you can walk through, touch it, feel it and then you can go and tell your customers. ‘I’ve sat in this. This is what it feels like. I have touched this table, this is what it looks like. I sat in this chair. It’s very comfortable.’ So, I think it gives them that comfort of knowing that they can be really strong in selling that item.”

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