The Unique Beauty of Four Hands

Revisit a time when gatherings were spent around the table, not the TV; when sharing a meal meant catching up on the details of the day, whether they were extraordinary or not. Style your space in such a way that friends, family and everyone in between will want to dine in your home – style your space with Four Hands furniture.

This particular manufacturer, with its unique style and rustic edge, is by no means a one-hit-wonder. With silhouettes ranging from refined industrial to weathered glamour, country chic to traditional with a twist; Four Hands has established itself as a completely original brand that transcends conventional design.

Product ImageYou can combine classically styled dining chairs like the Stella Dining Chair with the rustic wood Durham Dining Table and glamorous lighting.


You can mix-and-match weathered dining benches like the Toscana Dining Bench with the casual linen Florence Dining Chairs and a farm table.Product ImageProduct Image

You can even incorporate vintage reproductions with modern lighting like the Mason Chandelier for a look that is unique to your home. With Four Hands kitchen and dining furniture the options are limitless, and the only design guidelines you need to follow are your own!

Product ImageThe best part about Four Hands furniture for your dining room or kitchen is that each piece – whether it is a sideboard, a wine bar, a table, or a lighting fixture – makes a bold declaration without being overly showy.

Choose a style statement for your home that will speak to your personality and last you a lifetime – choose Four Hands.

Chelsie Merone

Copywriter | Furnitureland South

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