Furnitureland South Donates Computers to Local Charities

Computers1As its technical demands have grown, Furnitureland South has added more robust computer systems to support its workforce. Rather than recycling the previous generation of computers, the company has sought to aid local charities by donating them.

Computers3Furnitureland South provided 75 computers deemed irreparable to Goodwill Industries. Goodwill profits from recycling the metals from old computers and properly disposes of unneeded materials.

The HandyCapable Network received 200 computers that were either in good condition or needed minor repairs. The HandyCapable Network employs people with disabilities to refurbish donated computers, which are later placed in the homes of those who otherwise may not be able to afford a computer of their own.

Computers2Furnitureland South is committed to supporting local charitable organizations whenever possible. The company’s mission statement reads, in part: “We believe it’s every person’s innate right to have a safe and comfortable place to call home. We use the very specific gifts we have – furniture, decor and creativity – and share those gifts with families who need them most.”

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