Game night sophistication

We all know that “Man Caves” are quite the trend right now in home furnishings. Although the term is sounding a little passe to me, I must admit these rooms are still extremely relevant. Lots of people are furnishing extra rooms in their home with theater seating, game tables and even small bars. Many man caves contain puffy sofas (that are more about function than form), an old card table used for poker games and possibly a neon beer sign on the wall … this room may even be located in a garage. Men, if you’re happy with this set-up then read no further. However, if you wouldn’t mind classing things up a bit then I do have some great products for you to consider!

Maitland Smith has recently come out with the most gorgeous game tables I’ve ever seen! If you’d like your game room to be more reminiscent of a James Bond-like exclusive club rather than your  neighbor’s garage, you definitely need to check this stuff out:

Game Table & Chairs
Pub Table & Bar Stools
Hand Carved Corsair Mahogany Finished Pool Table with Blue Felt Top
Gorgeous hand carved detail
Napoleon Brown and Antique Aubergine Finished Foosball Table
Monkey & Lion Players
Shuffleboard Table




I do, however, want to issue a warning to the men: if you purchase these items your man cave might attract a classier crowd —  including the women in your life. If you really want to keep women out, stick with the puffy sofa and card table.

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