Goldilocks would love Furnitureland South!


Goldilocks would have saved herself a lot of trouble if she had just come to Furnitureland South to find that perfect fit chair!

She did have a good point… it is important to find a chair or sofa that fits, but it is more important to find a great design consultant that knows how to find that chair for you! Not only should your furniture fit your body, it should fit your lifestyle and the size of your space. Many companies allow you to select custom depths options; some even make their chairs in small, medium and large, with adjustment options, too! You’ll be sure to find that ‘just right’ feeling.

Sm Med Lrg Ekornes Chairs

Ekornes – The Innovators of Comfort Stressless® Magic

Furnitureland South has hundreds of companies to choose from, let me simplify your purchase by guiding you through the process. You’ll need a design consultant to help you select  fabric or leather options, what time frame you’ll need the piece, and to keep this investment within your budget.


So give me a call at 336.822.3000 ext. 3031 or email me: Let’s find the perfect pieces to let you truly relax in your upholstery!

Lucille Garner  | Furnitureland South Design Consultant

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