Got Leather?

In my 20 years in the furniture industry and 14 years of service at Furnitureland South, I have gained a great appreciation for the natural beauty of leather. I’d like to share some tips with you that will help you select the best leather for the way you live.

There is a leather for everyone and a leather for every household. When making a selection, you should strongly consider the way that you and your family engage with your furniture. Below I have listed the types of hides used in upholstery to get you started:

  • Aniline: Leather in its rawest form. This leather is for the real leather lover! The dyes used in processing Aniline leather are transparent chemicals, which allow the grain structure of the leather to be seen. These dyes show the natural texture, but do not protect the leather from damage. Aniline leather is best known for showing the natural characteristics of the hide.

    Aniline Leather.
    Aniline Leather.
  • Semi-Aniline: This leather is similar to Aniline, but has a thin protective top coat added to give it a little more protection from wear and staining.
  • Corrected: Corrected leather is the most protected of all leather options—it is sanded to remove the imperfections or natural markings. There is an added element of surface protection with corrected leather.

    Corrected Leather.
    Corrected Leather.
  • Bonded: Bonded leather is an economical alternative which uses the leftovers of leather to create a composite hide.

If you have a high energy household with lots of activity, a coastal home, a contemporary style, or a transitional home, corrected leather would be the ideal option for you. In a rustic or traditional setting, an aniline or semi-aniline leather would highlight the beauty of both the hide and your natural surroundings.

Aniline Leather.
Aniline Leather.

I would love the opportunity to guide you through your selection process and help you find the leather that is perfect for you.

Donald Wright

Donald Wright | Design Consultant
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