Grandeur in China

beijing_1My clients traveled to Furnitureland South all the way from Beijing to furnish an entire development called Chateau Le Vie. The homes there range in square footage from 7,000 to 25,000.

I wanted to keep the style of the furnishings consistent with that of the architecture of the homes, so I chose pieces with a French, Classical and European feel. I deliberately selected furnishings from different manufacturers to create an eclectic, timeless look. Every item came from a different company, giving it its own individuality. That’s one of the great things that makes Furnitureland South different – we offer so many manufacturers that the unique possibilities are unlimited!

In all, I was able to select and deliver fine furnishings to China to complete five beautiful homes.  Here are some of the highlights of the finished product!


My favorite part of this living room is that absolutely nothing “matches,” but everything flows.  The variety of products, textures and colors leads the eye to wander throughout the room.


The major challenge with this bedroom was the sheer size!  It was so large that I had to make sure to select pieces that would not only fill the room but match its grandeur, too.


Never be afraid to mix shades of color.  In this dining room, I used four different wood finishes, highlighting the elegance and depth of the wood tones.

This was an amazing project to work on.  And the incredible thing about it was that I was able to complete these homes without ever setting foot in them.  I am very passionate about design and would love to help you with your space!

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Stephanie James
Patti Allen

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