Healthy Sleep, Thanks to Sheep

As if sheep were not lovable enough. . .


I could not be more excited about the newest addition to our linen line-up at Furnitureland South! Are you toasty at night while your partner is freezing? Do you have trouble sleeping? Or do you struggle with allergies? If you answered yes to any of these questions allow me to introduce you to wool bedding from Sleep & Beyond. Now, before you start itching at the thought, let me explain that this wool is enveloped in silky, long staple cotton; we’re talking about wool-filled comforters, mattress toppers and pillows. You can choose from their Organic line for the purest products or their Natural line for more laundering options.

Wool has long been shown to give the best nights’ sleep possible because of its therapeutic properties. There are many benefits so I’ll simply list them for you:


-Regulates your body temperature naturally for year-round comfort- no more night sweats!

-Increases the length of your most beneficial sleep cycle phase- REM.

-Is mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant- the dryness and complexity of wool prevents unwanted guests.

-Is naturally flame resistant so no chemicals are added.

-Wicks away moisture up to 30% its weight

-Relieves muscle aches and stiffness because of its high resiliency.

-Lowers sleeping heart rate as compared to polyester.

-Is a renewable, sustainable resource- Sleep & Beyond’s wool is from healthy, contented sheep raised in the beautiful pastures of Kyrgyzstan. The cool climate along with their special care leads to long, healthy lives for these lucky sheep!

I can personally attest to the wonders of wool bedding; for the first time in our married lives my husband and I are sleeping under the same covers all night long. I no longer wake up to a mound of covers bunched between us and hubs hanging off the side of the bed with just a sheet to cover him. Our sleep quality is better all-around and I want the same for you!

For details on the Sleep & Beyond product line, please contact your Design Consultant or me:

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