How do you design around an empty space?

empty roomI meet people everyday that have either an empty basement or moving into a new home of any size and need to start from scratch. Most people that I come across think this is the easiest route to go because you get to start with a blank canvas…but I disagree.

What are your favorite colors that you would like to incorporate into your room or space? Try looking in your wardrobe for ideas if you’re not sure what you like. You could also ask close friends of family or check your latest design magazine and see what colors are in this year (Oranges, purples, and browns)…I know, I didn’t see it either. But knowing what colors you want, you can incorporate those in the upholstery/leather, casegoods, wall paint, rugs and/or drapes.

The number one design element that I see many people fumble is scale. It’s easy to see what you need when you have existing furniture in a room, but it’s harder to visualize it when you have an empty space. Most people overlook scale when juggling color, type of furniture and/or space planning. Make sure you visualize your space by taking down dimensions, ceiling heights, and window locations.

Like scale, knowing the dimensions of your space can help you with picking out the type of furniture for your space. For example, if you’re design your living room, do you need a sectional or a sofa/loveseat combination. It seems obvious at times, but it is essential because like always, you can only get it right the first time (Unless you like spending money). Think before you buy!

Lastly, always ask for someone’s opinion before making a final decision on your new furniture in your new space! As a Design Consultant, I can offer free design expertise for you and help your space take shape and balance. With over 500 manufacturers here at Furnitureland South, I have the rare ability to give you everything at your fingertips. By showing you the correct lines and types of furniture, your project will be completed before you know it. Until then, I wish you the best of luck!

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