How Michael Weiss made me rethink my living room

I’ve never met Vanguard Furniture designer, Michael Weiss, but I’m starting to think that he and I would get along fabulously!  Yes, I do believe that Michael Weiss is my new BFF — he just doesn’t know it yet!

I just received photography of two of Vanguard’s newest collection additions from the 2010 Fall International Home Furnishings Market.  I have to say this stuff is absolutely amazing!  The following two photographs are just a taste of what I’m talking about.

Michael Weiss' Benett Lounge

More and more we are seeing this trend of curved, fluid lines.  You couldn’t shove this sofa up against a wall.  It begs to be at the center of the room — and the center of attention!

And you may have heard that gray is the new black.  This is true — AND it’s also the new white, the new beige and the new neutral.  Gray was here last furniture market, as well as this market.  It’s a trend that works, and I believe it’s going to make itself at home and stay for a while.

Michael Weiss' Fitz Radiused Console

And have you ever seen a cuter couple???  This curved console table is the absolute perfect backdrop for accessorizing this sofa!  I mean seriously, these two pieces of furniture are spooning!!! Have you EVER seen this before?   This console can bring the sofa to life with books, trays, knickknacks (trendy ones, mind you – no roosters or decorative bells please!), framed photos, greenery – whatever fits the personality of the homeowner.

So…if there are any heavy lifters out there who can move my massive entertainment center to the other side of my living room so that I can float this piece, I’ve got a job for you!

Stay tuned for more great products from Vanguard Furniture!

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  1. What a nice take on a converstional piece. It really is a nice way to break up space in your room with serving two great purposes.

  2. Love the snuggly fitting console. It is usually quite difficult to find something that fits just right behind a curved sofa!

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