How to Pick a Pillow

The days are shorter and temperatures are getting colder. More than likely you have been enjoying the daylight in the morning and have struggled with coming home from work in the dark in the evenings. Due to changes in weather and sunlight, many people find that it is difficult for them to sleep well during this time. Many people, particularly early risers, experience disruptions in their sleep cycle that can lead to them feeling unrested during this transitional time.

In order to obtain quality sleep, it is no surprise that finding the right mattress is key. However, what many people overlook is the importance of finding the correct pillow to pair with the perfect mattress. Your pillow plays an equally important role in allowing you to obtain quality sleep. It works in tandem with your mattress to correctly support your neck and spine and alleviate pressure points in the body. Here are some helpful hints to help you choose the correct pillow. Sleepland #1 Come to Furnitureland South to visit our Sleepland mattress gallery to see our full selection of top-name mattresses and pillows! Contact Sleepland Manager Rachel Sturm for more information.

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