How to Style a Stunning #Shelfie

Whether you’re a bookworm or not, bookcases are a necessity and a staple in most homes around the world. They’re so common in homes that with the rise of an interior design presence on social media, #shelfie has become quite popular with over one million hashtags on Instagram!

We’ve asked around and found a few tips to get the perfect photo for your #shelfie. Here are a few design options we found:

Stanley furnitureCreate a Color Story

Whether you’re lining your beautifully bound books up by color or placing a few books on the shelf beside a darling vase and picture frame — color cohesion can work for you. Consider the other décor in the room. Which color needs a little extra attention? The great news about this detail is that it can quickly and easily change with the seasons or trends! Once you’ve chosen a color for pillows, vases, wall art or books, for example, the whole room looks intentionally sophisticated and beautiful.

Stanley furnitureFlip It & Stay Neutral

In rooms that make a statement with a noticeable lack of bright or bold colors, you may want to exclude your bookshelf design from the color scheme for the room. In this case, you have a couple of options. Cover the books with neutral paper or simply turn them around so the pages are facing outward instead of the binding. And, of course, you can tie in a few accessories of the same tone to bring this idea full circle. This is especially achievable in rooms and on bookshelves where the books aren’t your everyday reads.


Stanley furnitureGo Green

Live plants can help keep your house cool, restore fresh air into your apartment and lift your spirits in a concrete jungle. And thanks to the succulent home décor trend, you no longer need a green thumb to bring a bit of natural beauty into your home. If you’re not convinced to go all natural for your #shelfie, faux greenery will work, too.

Stanley furnitureStacks on Stacks

Maybe you have meticulously organized your books on a shelf, pulling each one in a row past the edge and pushing them back to line up evenly with the shelf. We’ve been there, and we’ve realized this isn’t always the way to go. Sure, you avoid visible dust build up, but you also end up with an overabundance of books on one bookcase. Spread ‘em out and show them some love by stacking some books vertically and adding some variation with horizontal stacks occasionally.

Stanley furnitureStar of the Show

Not a fan of generic home décor that your significant other brought home from the store? Add in a touch of your own flavor! Displaying personal photos and cards that loved ones have given you can quickly make your shelf feel more your own — at almost no cost at all! With this design tip, you can be the star of your own #shelfie show!

Now that you have a few tools in your interior design toolbelt to stage your perfect #shelfie, make sure your bookcase is just as stunning as the items it shelves.

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