How to shop at Furnitureland South – Check List

Make the most of your time at “The World’s Largest Furniture Store!” Use this helpful checklist to prepare for your visit to Furnitureland South!


1) Wear comfortable shoes. We are the largest store in the USA.

Furnitureland South Campus - Mart Building

Furnitureland South Showroom and Eco Link

Furnitureland South - Largest Furniture Store In The World! Here is a look inside the Mart . . . 4 levels of beautiful furniture!

Wear comfy shoes at Furnitureland South! Lots of walking!

2) Bring Scaled Floor plans:

If you have floor plans, please bring them. Printing them at 1/4″ scale works best.


3) Dine at the Cafe and enjoy a coffee break at Starbucks:

On our property we have a Starbucks coffee shop and a Cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. Both locations have daily specials and make your shopping experience a complete one-stop-shop.



 4) Prioritize your shopping list:

I recommend selecting the room that is most used by you or your family, to get your shopping trip going. Then prioritize the rest of your rooms and tackle them one at a time.


 5) Stay focused, shopping is a full contact sport:

Find a style you identify with. Focus on functionality, livability,  personality and budget. It’s easy to stray, just keep in mind your ultimate goal: making your house a “home”.

 6) Ask for Ted Humphrey as your Design Consultant:

Ted Humphrey - Furnitureland South Design Consultant

Ted Humphrey



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